Release Date for The Godborn

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The Godbornhas an official release date at last — October 1, 2013.  Huzzah! It also has an Amazon listing, which you can see here (I’m sure the listing for the Kindle format will be up soon). Double huzzah!  I’m excited about this and hope you are, too.

It looks like many of you have pre-ordered already and for that, much gratitude. As you can see from the listing, The Godborn is Book II of the Sundering. It is, however, a standalone book. That said, I think all Realms fans should read all of the Sundering novels (the books have some cross-connections and, taken in total, show the effects of the Sundering on the Forgotten Realms). The Sundering series launches in September with The Companions, by R.A. Salvatore.

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12 thoughts on “Release Date for The Godborn

  1. Really? No electronic version? What are we supposed to do outside the US, beside paying even more on the shipment of a big and heavy hardcover?

    • Ebook listing will be up for it soon. Sometimes the Kindle version/listing just trickles through more slowly. Rest assured, the book will be available for Nook and Kindle.

  2. Paul,

    That is the month of my birthday so it is going to be a hell of a month :). Thanks for the gift! Oh will your Cake books be available in audio format soon? I think Michael Ironside should be chosen to do the voice ;). He has a gritty tone and that would fit.

    • They will. I think they had to re-record them due to inconsistency with the official pronunciation guide. I imagine they’ll hit audible fairly soon. When they do, I’ll put up an announcement about it.

  3. Re: It is, however, a standalone book.

    Is it correct to assume there will be more follow on stories, similar to the Erevis books and the Sembia series?

    Definitely looking forward to both books this year. Now, if there was only a chance you would score a 2013 trifecta and come out with a new Star Wars novel 🙂 (Yes I’m being greedy. Believe it or not, I’m not a big Star Wars fan, just a fan of your novels).

  4. I can’t wait to see how Mask plays into this! I refuse to believe the cunning shadow lord is truly dead. I am pretty sure that one has a plan!!

    Only a couple of months away from book 1 of the companion series, I believe this year is a good year for Fantasy readers!


  5. I look forward to the next book. I really enjoyed the Erevis Cale novels and hoped that wasn’t the end for him or Riven. Cale was a great character tht was coming along the lines of Salvatore’s Drizzt.

  6. Gonna have to re-read all the previous books around September, I guess. I can’t even remember anything aside from the fact that the books have characters named Cale and Riven, and that they were highly enjoyable.

    Pre-ordering Godborn now (if the Kindle version’s already out).

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