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I had my head down in the word soup for a while there, but now I’m lifting my mien to the heavens, my visage dotted with a stray “L” and an “M” and at least one “Z,” all of them the alphabetic remnants of my stretch run, and shouting:  “IT IS FINISHED!”

*Cue Zeppelin’s Battle of Evermore as Paul, a fifth of single malt in each fist, ascends into the sky on a flaming chariot pulled by griffons*

The draft of A Discourse in Steel (cover art coming before long, I think) is finished.  And it’s good.  And if you haven’t yet read The Hammer and the Blade then I feel like I don’t know you as well as I thought I did.  🙂  Also, go read it.  It’s also good (or so say the reviews).

And, too, also, in addition, the draft of The Godborn is finished.  KABOOM!

Much to my surprise, I still have hair and not all of it is gray.  Huzzah!

Very much looking forward to both of these novels hitting shelves this year.  I think you will dig.  🙂

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