Release Day for The Hammer and the Blade

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Today is Bookday for my novel, The Hammer and the Blade (Amazon, B&N), the first in an ongoing sword and sorcery series published by Angry Robot Books.  I hope you’ll check it out.

Candidly, I’ve been overwhelmed by the early reviewer response to the book. You can read some of those reviews here, and there are many, many others out there on the web.  In fact, Library Journal said, “Kemp delivers sword and sorcery at its rollicking best, after the fashion of Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser,” and Publishers Weekly called it “A gripping tale.”

That said, there can never, ever be too many reviews, so if you read the novel and dig it (you will :-)), I’d be profoundly grateful if you posted a review or recommendation on the book sites you frequent. You might be surprised at how important that is for your friendly neighborhood author.

Now, if you need a reason to buy the novel, well, here’s ten of them. And if you’re a fan of my Forgotten Realms work or my Star Wars novels, I wrote a letter addressed directly to you.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading about Egil and Nix as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

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16 thoughts on “Release Day for The Hammer and the Blade

  1. Preordered it months ago. Now I’m just hoping it gets here soon enough for me to get in a few hours before work. NO SLEEP TILL I’VE FINISHED THE BOOK!!!

  2. I just bought the audiobook via itunes. I thought it would be too expensive compared to the e-book but I was wrong. Good price. Looking forward to listening during the commute.

    Is GODBORN next?

    • John,

      Let me know how it sounds. I’m dying to hear the audio version. As for GODBORN, it is next (I think). News on that front soonish.

      • I listened to the prologue while fighting traffic this morning. At first I thought Podehl spoke too quickly, but I grew accustomed to his pace before the prologue was half over. I really like how Podehl goes into character when reading the dialogue. So far, I have really enjoyed it.

  3. Started at 4PM and finished at 1:40 AM. I say with immeasurable unhappiness that I have finished what I hope to be many tales of Egil and Nix. Unhappy due to that fact that I have indeed finished it. No matter how many times I check the back of the book it never seems too write any more of itself. But I’m glad Erevis and I decided to keep this relationship open. Experiment people!

  4. I bought the book yesterday and it is very hard for me to put it down. You have once again exceeded expectations as I am a good way through the book. Rakon’s sisters are very interesting characters and Egil and Nix’s banter is just great! In fact all of the characters are just top notch!

  5. Just started the book last night and I am loving it. There has been a need for this kind of classic Sword & Sorcery adventure tale. I’m hooked and hope there will be many more from Nix & Egil.

    • Greg, glad to hear. There’s already one more on the schedule and I’m expecting more (hopefully many more) after that. 🙂

  6. Thanks for this awesome book!
    My expectation, after the Erevis Cale novels, was pretty high, but you exceeded it. Thanks for publishing them as an ebook. So it was easy for me to translate some words (like gewgaw – never catched this word before) in my native language. I hope i can read the Erevis Cale novels on my ebook reader soon as well.

  7. Picked it up and read it while on vacation in the Adirondacks (4th Lake). Loved it, can’t wait for more! Still looking forward to the next Erevis Cale book! Keep up the great work.

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