What’s New in June?

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What new releases do we have in June from Angry Robot, in the Forgotten Realms, and in the galaxy far, far away? Let’s have a looksee.

From Angry Robot, we have Night’s Engines, the conclusion of the Nightbound Lands duology, by Trent Jamieson. From the back matter:

Shale is dying. The vast, boiling maelstrom known only as the Roil has pushed humanity to the edge of extinction. The last cities teeter on the verge of collapse.

There is one hope, but it is enshrined in a decadent wastrel who does not want his destiny, and a young woman who seeks only an end to everything. And yet they go on, in search of the ancient weapons that worked against the Roil once, and must work again.

In the Forgotten Realms, we have Sword of the Gods: Spinner of Lies, by Bruce Cordell. From the back matter:

Memories of his past incarnations haunt Demascus, even as he searches for stolen portraits that contain the trapped souls of demigods. Meanwhile, drow creep beneath the city of Airspur, intent on precipitating war between Akanûl and a rival nation. As Demascus attempts to win freedom from the ghost of his murdered lover, he agrees to thwart the drow’s secret scheme, sending him on a trail that stretches between the Demonweb, Airspur, and an island that appears on no map.

And in the galaxy far, far away, we have the paperback release of Choices of One, by Tim Zahn. From the backmatter:

Eight months after the Battle of Yavin, the Rebellion is in desperate need of a new base. So when Governor Ferrouz of Candoras Sector proposes an alliance, offering sanctuary for the Rebels in exchange for protection against a warlord intent on invasion, Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca are sent to evaluate the deal. But Mara Jade, the Emperor’s Hand, is also heading for Candoras, along with five renegade stormtroopers known as the Hand of Judgment. Their mission: to punish Ferrouz’s treason and smash the Rebels.

In this treacherous game of betrayals within betrayals, a wild card is waiting to be played.


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One thought on “What’s New in June?

  1. “Spinner of Lies” and “Choices of One” were both great books and Night’s Engines is on my reading list as well. There more I read from the Angry Robot line, the more I like it. They have a diverse line that will please most all tastes.

    Let’s not forget another Angry Robot release, “The Hammer and The Blade”. 🙂

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