Riptide mini-excerpt

Star Wars Books has posted a fifth mini-excerpt from Riptide, my next Star Wars novel, which is the sequel to Crosscurrent.

Marr took Jaden’s lightsaber and turned it over in his hands, examining the hilt from all angles.

“Now take it apart,” Jaden said. He had chosen the lesson because he thought it would be well suited to Marr’s talents as an engineer.

“This is yours, Master, and—”

“Take it apart, Marr. It’s Read the rest


A New Hope Live-tweeted

As I did previously with Revenge of the Sith, I ran a live Twitter commentary to Episode IV, A New Hope last night.  It’s probably funnier in real time, but I think there are a few chuckles here even after the fact.  In any event, per a few requests, I’ve compiled the tweets here.

I picked this up late, after everyone else had gone to bed in Kempland.  When I started, our heroes were … Read the rest


Some Good Things

Yes, the economy’s in the tank.  Worse, people are suffering while many of our politicians behave like kindergartners fighting over the last mixed berry fruit box.  But there are good things to ponder and enjoy, too!  And here, in no particular order, are a few of mine.  Feel free to add yours in the comments.

French fries.  The Condiment King loves his french fries.





Good friends.  You have some.  I … Read the rest


Top Eight Shocking Revelations in Cheney’s Memoir

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has published In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir. Here are the top eight shocking revelations to emerge from the book:

8. Cheney liked to freak out the White House staff by dressing in a black leotard, breathing heavily, and telling everyone, “No. I am your father!”

7. Cheney’s so mean he once shot a man (in the face) just for snoring.

6. On Earth 2, Cheney goes … Read the rest


September Releases

What’s new this month in the realms forgotten, the rusty, clanky land of enraged automata, and the galaxy far, far away? Let us see.

In the Forgotten Realms, we have Shadowbane, from friend and colleague Erik Scott deBie. This is a sequel to the well-received Downshadow, and I think readers who’ve enjoyed my work will enjoy Erik’s, for whatever that’s worth. From the back matter:

The city of Luskan has always been Read the rest