Riptide mini-excerpt #6

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Star Wars Books has posted a sixth mini-excerpt from Riptide, my next Star Wars novel (sequel to Crosscurrent).  With the release date fast approaching, I’m hoping they’ll release a longer excerpt soon. Anyway, here’s the mini, with Khedryn, Marr, and Jaden chatting about the lightsaber Jaden came to possess at the end of Crosscurrent.

“You do something to that? It looks different.”

Jaden smiled. “It is different.” He took the hilt in hand and activated the lightsaber. The yellow blade hummed to life. Marr and Khedyrn eyed it.

“That was the clone’s weapon?” Khedryn asked, incredulous. “That red blade?”

Jaden nodded.

“I didn’t know that was possible,” Marr said. “You did something to the power crystal?”

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