A Monday Riptide teaser

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Yet another teaser from the WIP of Riptide.  For some reason, planning to post these(and ultimately posting them) keeps me fully engaged with the book.  I  hope you’ll indulge me.

They’d all felt it, even the children, as the cloakshape fighter carrying them had blazed through the white hot aftermath of the starship’s explosion. Between the surface of the frozen moon and the safety of outer space had hung a cloud of smoke, flaming debris, superheated gas, and…something more.

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3 thoughts on “A Monday Riptide teaser

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  2. Oh we’re indulging, for sure! 🙂 I of course want to know now who these children are and just who the children are with – I’m thinking two kids and one other person, because as far as I remember a Cloakshape doesn’t have that much space… (correct me if I’m wrong). Awesome, keep them coming! 🙂

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