Ebook or print? A poll

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Ebook versions of The Erevis Cale novels are selling well, it seems.  This causes me to wonder about some things.  So, in my never ending but invariably futile effort to understand the market for my novels by generalizing from anecdotes, I’d like to ask the following question.  I’d be grateful if  you could take a moment (either here or on LJ, where this will be mirrored) to respond with one of the numbers below in the comments (and feel free to add any additional information about your purchase that you think relevant).  You do not need to log in.  Anonymous comments are allowed.

So, when you purchased any books of either The Erevis Cale Trilogy or The Twilight War,  did you:

1.  Purchase only print versions.

2.  Purchase only ebook versions.

3.  Purchase both ebook  and print versions of the same novel(s).

4.  Purchase  both ebook and print versions, but of different novels (e.g., you didn’t buy Twilight Falling in both ebook and print format, but did buy Twilight Falling in print, and Shadowbred as an ebook).

Thanks a million for taking a moment to respond.

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150 thoughts on “Ebook or print? A poll

  1. I like having the printed collection and have purchased them new. However, a prologue or first chapter released early online would be fantastic!!!

    • Well, after viewing more of your site it appears that great minds think alike 😉 I have found the early release Godborn chapter. Thanks a million. Keep’em coming, and I’ll keep buying.

  2. I didn’t buy the first two books, got those as a gift from shadow 🙂 the rest I bought, i also got the omnibus. I also purchased the ebooks version and put them in my iphone to read whenever I feel like it and the books arn’t with me.

    • I’ve purchased all the Cale books in hardcover form….then try to steal them in digital form off the internet. As long as we are being honest. If I’m paying 8+ at B&N for the paperback, I feel very little guilt for trying to get the digi version to read on my laptop.

  3. Purchased both series in print form. Read the elec versions of all the snippets you’ve presented. Including Another Name for Dawn. THanks Paul!

  4. I purchased both series in print and continue to purchase all my books that way. It just gives me a feeling of satisfaction to fill copy paper boxes full of books I have read.

  5. Bought all your books in print. I have recently bought a kindle DX and am pretty content with it as a reading platform. So I would probably buy future publications as eBook. Not sure if I’d buy print as well, although I sometimes still feel kind of odd not having a physical copy.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed both the Ervis cale and the twilight series. they left me so hungry for more. Are you planning on continuing with ervis anytime soon? that would be great and i always buy print copies

    • Jamie,

      My next FR series, The Cycle of Night, will be published in 2012 (the first book is entitled Godborn). It features characters you’ll recognize. 🙂

  7. I have all of the Books in ebook format, but they are definitely going to be purchased in print to join my collection. I hate the fact that I have to wait so long to get Godborn.

  8. I have all the books in printed format. The best way to collect them, in my opinion. I guess I’m old-fashioned when I say that the paper printed versions are the best. The books mean more to me that way. This new way of collecting books in ebook format just isn’t my way. I love your books, the in-depth characters, the plots, everything. You are one of the greatest writers of all time. You put alot of heart in what you write, one of the reasons I enjoy reading them. Thank-you for the gift of your words, Mr. Kemp

  9. I have purchased all your novels in print. I like the feel of turning pages and the artwork on the front covers. Although I do like the portability of the kindle or nook readers. I was one of those people that scoffed at mp3 players years and years ago and now I love my i-pod devices and playlists 🙂
    Keep your books about Cale or other connected stories coming and I will buy them 🙂 Good luck! Cheers!

  10. Am a huge drizzit fan and have had a hard time finding something that can compare….untill I found and ripped through all things cale….my god mr kemp can you write……and yes every thing in print…I want to make sure its around to pass this treasure of literature to my daughter. I don’t want to …..delete, misplace a file or have it gone durring the next technological advancement……………………and as I always say……… Embrace the darkness!!!

  11. Hey Paul,
    I have been reading since the beginning and I will only buy the print editions. I have bookshelves and there is a serene feeling about accumulating books on my shelves, especially of authors that are as talented as you. You are on the same shelf as Steven Brust and Bob Salvatore and Steven King.

    I quite enjoy them and I am thinking that iBooks are a fad similar to writing screenplays at your laptop in a cafe.

    Thanks for your stories,
    Brian Fritzen

  12. I bought all the books in hard copy, I find it easier to read hard copies, but that’s probably just through it being what I’m used to.
    I agree with people on collecting hard copies too.

  13. I purchased the omnibus version of the Erevis Cale Trilogy and the paperback versions of the Twilight War.

    Both excellent series, and I look forward to your next books!

  14. Have read all your Erevis Cale books in paperback but now that I bought a Kindle would probably buy ebooks only. Really looking forward to Godborn!

    Excellent series!

  15. Ebook all the way. Please please please think about your fans who do not live in major cities or in the US. Having to wait days for a book to arrive through mail instead of having instant gratification of reading is a major hassle. I read everything on my Kindle.

  16. I buy all my novels in print. I have read a lot of comments and I am relieved to find that most hard core “readers” still stick with print. I just pray that this e-book thing doesn’t eventually push out good old fashioned novels.

  17. I purchased all your books in print but as just bought the kindle 3 so i wil be bying the rest of my books in ebook format.

  18. I purchased only the print versions because I can’t justify buying a book twice unless it’s my absolute favorites of all times (LotR I’m looking at you).

    Plus something about the physical is better for me, ebooks just seem “cheaper”

  19. I purchased only the print versions, not because the Erevis Cale books dont happen to be my favorite novels ever (which they are) but because im notorious for breaking anything with a screen for viewing, reading, listening, etc. soooo there you have it.

    Thanks and am very much looking forwards to the new ones,

  20. I purchased the prints, though I am in love with technology nothing beats a good old fashion book to read and put on the shelf until it shall be read again.

  21. I have been purchasing the printed versions of all ur book until 2 yrs ago; when I downloaded kindle to the iPhone. Since acquiring an iPad in April trying to buy all kindle version. Only wotc can be unpredictable in releasing kindle versions. Awesome writing Paul.

  22. As soon as I buy and iPad (probably April of 2011) I hope to never buy another print novel ever again. Until then I’ll continue with the hard copy purchases.

  23. I try to only buy kindle ebooks, i much prefer it to paperback. In doing so – I was led to reading your books when I got through all of the drizzt series published so far. It is advantageous to publish ebooks as an author for this reason – we ebook readers will generally stick with ebooks instead of print

  24. I purchased both the print book and then when available the Kindle editions to read on Kindle for the iPad. To be honest with you, to support the writers and stories that I like I would purchase them again in iBooks too if they were available there and I bought the compilation as well.

    We have to support the stories we love or the people that write them, and the companies that publish them will stop. Or force them and the Gods they worship off, and then sack their editor… (sorry couldn’t help myself there)

    • That last paragraph should have read:

      We have to support the stories we love, or the people that write them and the companies that publish them will stop.

      Or force the writers to kill them and the Gods they worship off, and then sack their editors…

      (sorry couldn’t help myself there)

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