Riptide — the sequel to Crosscurrent

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Last night on Twitter I was able to reveal that Riptide is the title to the sequel to Crosscurrent.  I hope you like it.

Initially, I wanted to go with something containing “cross” but couldn’t come up with something everyone liked.  So I tried to find something containing “current,” but had the same problem.  Finally I hit upon Riptide and everyone seemed to like that.  I liked it, too, because it suggested a dangerous, unseen current that tears one away from safety and out to sea, where one is left to sink or swim, alone and bereft.   Symbolically, that works quite well with the novel’s story.

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9 thoughts on “Riptide — the sequel to Crosscurrent

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  3. Missed the Twitter announcement, damnit! 🙂 Very cool, Paul; it sticks to the one-word title and nicely complements Crosscurrent – almost evokes churning, dangerous waters but since this is Star Wars, I’m thinking more along the lines of black holes and their event horizons. 🙂 Very cool, and definitely looking forward to it!

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