Dramatis Personae for Deceived

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I’m hoping to get approval in July to begin posting excerpts from Deceived, my Star Wars novel set in the The Old Republic.  But in the meantime, I thought I’d  post the Dramatis Personae for the novel.  There are four core characters (these four are either point of view characters, or characters with a lot of  screen time) and several important, but non-core characters.

The Core Characters

Darth Malgus, male human Sith lord.

Eleena Daru, female Twi-lek, a trained combatant and Malgus’s companion.

Aryn Leneer, female human Jedi Knight and Force Empath.

Zeerid Korr, male human smuggler, former Republic commando

The Non-Core characters

Master Ven Zallow, male human Jedi Master

Darth Angral, male human  Sith Lord.

Lord Adraas, male human Sith.

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9 thoughts on “Dramatis Personae for Deceived

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  2. Yes, I hope you get approval, too! Nice to see that Darth Angral will be coming back from the Threat of Peace comic. I can’t wait to read Deceived, it sounds like it’ll be great!

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  4. Awesome! Angral is such a cool, weighted name for a Sith Lord – I started Threat of Peace but missed a couple of issues, so Angral is a surprise to me. Hope you get approval, too, looking forward to it! 🙂

  5. I am SO excited about this book. I loved the “Deceived” trailer for the game and was super-stoked to hear that you were writing a book about that guy! I loved Crosscurrent and can’t wait for this.

    Korr…could this be an ancestor of…hmmm 🙂

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  9. I am so excited you are going farther delving deeper into the Star Wars universe. I have read all of your Cale books, (short stories as well), and am thrilled you are writing in the Old Republic. It is an area I’ve taken particular interest in and i’m glad that’s where your adventures lead you! Good luck, brother!
    – Matt

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