Round up of Deceived Reviews

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Deceived reviews are cropping up all over, so I thought I’d gather several of them here. I’m more than a little pleased that the novel is being so well received. One of the interesting, and challenging, things about writing a Star Wars novel is that the readership is so vast, and the tastes/expectations of the readers so diverse, that any novel is bound to disappoint some subset of readers. It’s unfortunate, but so it goes.

Anyway, here are a few reviews with excerpts. I’ll link to a few more in the coming days. And you can always check the Amazon listing for reviews, too. Many of them are quite substantive and will give you a good feel for whether the novel is right for you.

From You Have Failed me for Last Time, A Star Wars: The Old Republic blog The theme of rebirth is explored by Kemp, as each of the characters we follow undergoes major change. I was most surprised at the transformation that Darth Malgus undergoes in the novel…this is a great Star Wars novel.

From Darth Hater:   …these stories collide violently, causing each character to question themselves, their choices, and their place in the galaxy with some very interesting and unique conclusions.

From I was a little worried that he would be dealing with all new characters. That can be a tough situation for any author. But he handled it expertly. I grew attached to nearly every character, including the Sith, and had trouble keeping my eyes on the page. I was so interested in what I was reading that I kept skipping ahead to find out how situations would turn out.

From Rooqoo Depot: Overall I greatly enjoyed Deceived and it definitely whets my appetite for more novels from Paul Kemp.

From MassivelyDeceived takes what could very easily be one dimensional characters, like Jedi and Sith, and gives them purpose and personality beyond the conventional. Jedi do not always do what is the most good, and Sith don’t always do what is most evil. The characters in the novel make some extremely hard choices….

And finally this, from The PhillistineThe experiences of three main characters – a Jedi, a Sith and a smuggler – are woven together into one cohesive story, a great mix of character-driven plot and high-octane lightsaber duels.


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