Quest for the Ultrasabers

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Roarke and Riordan turn seven today. Among the gifts they’ll get are a pair of Ultrasaber lightsabers.  But we won’t just give them to the boys.  Oh no!  First, we will make them scurry around the house for our amusement, as follows:

A note taped to the TV will read:

Weapons await the brave and true, lighted blades of green and blue.  To find them, however, you must follow each clue.  Seek now the closet, that smells of stinky shoe.

That leads them to the closet they call “the stinky closet.”  There, another note:

You stand in the stink, and now you must think.  Up the stairs should you run, where awaits still more fun.  Seek your doom in grandma’s room.

They head to the guest bedroom where my mom sleeps when she’s visiting.  On the bed they find:

From grandma’s abode, you must hop like a toad, to mom and dad’s bed, where you’ll find letters of red.

They hop to our room, where they find the final note (the last sentence is in a red font):

Decipher this code to find the right road.  Go to the room with many a story and book, find there on the desk that for which you look.

And that takes them back down to the library where the lightsabers, glowing in the darkness, await on my desk.  🙂

Hopefully, they’ll have some fun with it.

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11 thoughts on “Quest for the Ultrasabers

    • Ha! Thanks, Lindley. This was actually Jen’s idea. I wasn’t sure the boys would dig, but I think it was the best part of the day for Roarke.

  1. Couldn’t agree more with Lindley. Wow that sounds like an amazing birthday.

    Nice gifts and fun.

    • That’s a picture I lifted from the net. I actually got them green and blue so they could be on the same team.

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