My next Star Wars novel announced — Lords of the Sith

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My next Star Wars novel was announced today (press release here).  This is the cover.  Just.  Look.  At.  It.


Now, I actually wanted to title the novel, “Force Lightning, Mofos!” but that idea was not well received.  🙂

A blurb from Del Rey:

When the Emperor and his notorious apprentice, Darth Vader, find themselves stranded in the middle of insurgent action on an inhospitable planet, they must rely solely on each other, the Force, and their awesome martial skills to prevail. Created in collaboration with the Lucasfilm Story Group. Coming March 2015. Jacket art by Aaron McBride.

I can say a few things more about the book:  First, as is apparent from that spectacular cover, the book features Vader and Palpatine.  It also features a character who I’m not allowed to name just yet, but who appeared in The Clone Wars animated series.  In terms of where it fits in the timeline, Lords of the Sith is set after the Revenge of the Sith film and before the forthcoming Rebels television show.

Alas, that’s all I’m allowed to say at this point about the substance of the book.

I’m excited about it, though, and hope you are, too.


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17 thoughts on “My next Star Wars novel announced — Lords of the Sith

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  5. Very excited about this and the other three new books coming. Loving this whole “EU Reboot” thing — glad it’s been done, as it was high time.

  6. I think this Clone Wars character will be Rex since we still need to know what happens to him.

  7. I’m still reading through the older EU stuff but I cannot wait to start devouring this new stuff! I will read the ‘Legends’ stuff as it’s own series and the new stuff as it’s own.

    Loved your previous Star Wars stuff, I cannot wait for this one!

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  9. Glad to hear it Paul! Love your writing. As far as the Clone Wars character, my money is on Cad Bane. He just seems like the kind of character that would fit right into a Sith survival scenario.

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