A new (third) Egil and Nix novel

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As noted in the press release here, I’ve signed with Angry Robot Books to write a third novel of sword and sorcery derring-do featuring the likeable rakes, rogues, and ne’er do wells, Egil and Nix.

That means the duo will appear in The Hammer and the Blade(out now), followed by A Discourse in Steel (to be released in June of 2013), followed by (the tentatively titled) A Conversation in Blood (in 2014).

I’ll have more detailed thoughts on this anon, but wanted to point to the announcement and say thank you for your support and the many kind reviews of The Hammer and the Blade. It’s been overwhelming and you have my gratitude. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “A new (third) Egil and Nix novel

  1. So… How many more books do we need to buy so you can quit your day job? More books released more faster please.

  2. Great. I listened to the first in the car. Running errands was enjoyable knowing I could listen to a great story. Please keep the same narrator. I First read your Star Wars novels and love them too.

    • Thank you kindly. The second Egil and Nix novel, A DISCOURSE IN STEEL, is in the can and will be released at the end of June. 🙂

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