Signed copies of Lords of the Sith

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LordsoftheSithIf you’d like a signed copy of Lords of the Sith, here’s all you need to do:

If you live in the United States, Paypal me $32 dollars for each copy you want.  My Paypal account is  Be sure to include the pertinent details in the email (your name, address, and any dedication you’d like).

If you live outside the United States, please email me first (same email as above) and tell me your address.  I’ll figure out the shipping cost and let you know the total cost to you.  You can then decide if you want to proceed with the purchase.

I’ll ship the books as soon as I have them.

Sharing is caring!

5 thoughts on “Signed copies of Lords of the Sith

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  2. Paul,
    I just finished Lords of the Sith. It was a good read and I am glad that I bought it. With Lucasfilm running into problems with its spin-off movie, maybe your phone will ring. I am very curious about your approach to writing books wherein at least some of the characters are not of your creation (Lords of the Sith, Deceived, and Resurrection come to mind). If you are so inclined, would you share how it is different? I know you endeavor to have the characters dictate the plot and not vice versa, so I presume anything that affects your ability to develop a character is a significant matter. Thanks and please keep writing.

  3. Just finished reading Sunday’s Free Press congrats on #8 of top selling books. Could you hurry up with Egil & Nix !!
    ha ha

  4. I read Lords of the Sith some time ago. It is so far the best novel of the new canon. I hope for more Star Wars books from you. It would be nice if you could also include some of the old EU stuff so as to save at least a portion of it into the new canon.

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