Lords of the Sith

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final_vader_sidious_cover_fltThe reception among readers for Lords of the Sith has been incredible. The book hit the New York Time Bestseller list, several other bestseller lists, has received countless excellent reviews and is now, a mere two weeks after its release, going to a third printing.

I want to thank all of you for your support and enthusiasm.  I very much appreciate it.  🙂



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7 thoughts on “Lords of the Sith

  1. I have a query regarding the number of occupants on the Emperor’s shuttle that crashed landed on Ryloth. At my count there were eight people on board – Emperor, Vader, four Red Guards, a pilot and co-pilot. Only four walked away from the crash – Emperor, Vader, and two Red Guards – after the injured Guard was shot and the rest died in the crash. BUT on page 169 (of the hard cover edition) when the rebel freighter opened fire on the survivors it states, ‘one slammed into the chest of a Royal Guard and vaporized all of him save for his helmet.’ Yet there’s still two Red Guards left alive after this encounter – Sergeant Deez and the Captain. Am I missing something here?

    • You’re not missing anything. It’s an error. It will be fixed in later editions of the print book (I believe it was corrected in the ebooks before they went on sale).

      • Would you be kind enough to elaborate on that? Having bought the hardcover I surely won’t buy the ebook or TPB as well, but would like to hear how it was resolved. Have you merely erased the “vaporated”-scene?

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