Riptide signed galley giveaway

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Per usual, I’ll be giving away signed copies of the Riptide print galley (unbound) to two winners chosen by random draw.

To enter, just leave a comment to this blog entry (or the mirrored entry on my livejournal).   Please use a unique username and enter only once.   I’ll keep the contest open through August, announcing the two winners on the morning of August 31.  Ergo, the winners will get to read the book well in advance of the release date.  🙂  My thanks to Lucasfilm and Del Rey for letting this go forward.

I’ll cover postage to winners in the U.S., but an international winner will have to cover postage (via Paypal to me), so be aware of that before entering.  Apologies for that, but postage overseas can get a bit pricey.

In any event, I’ll sign the galley with whatever dedication the winners would like.

So again, if you’re interested, just leave a comment with your unique name.  🙂



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  1. ¿Crosscurrent?, ¿Riptide? “Life does not follow a predictable path. There is no way to capture the infinite variables involved.”

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