Bald dudes who are badass

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This is a badass bald dude — Darth Malgus.  He is in my novel, Deceived.  You can read a sample chapter from Deceived here.






This is another badass bald dude — Erevis Cale.  He is in a lot of my novels, including The Erevis Cale Trilogy and The Twilight War.  You can read a sample chapter from Shadowbred, book one of The Twilight War, here.


If you like the story(ies) featuring one of these bald embodiments of badassery, you will almost certainly like the stories featuring the other.

Sure, sure, I guess you could just read about one of them, but I would not recommend it, since it well and truly displeases the Emperor of Bald Badassery himself, the Hairless Pate of Great, the Shining Dome Who will Wreck your Home.  And really, who wants to displease him?


(I know, I know.  The whole thing is shameless, but in my own defense, this guy made me do it.  :-))




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5 thoughts on “Bald dudes who are badass

  1. I don’t know, how bad ass can they be if they’re defeated by hair follicles? Or is it that they’re so terrifying that even the follicles run for the hills when they’re asleep?

    Am about three quarters through Decieved right now, and am really enjoying the story. I usually am not one that tends to read much of the extended Star Wars universe but since I enjoyed all of the Cale stories as much as I did, and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Bioware MMO, I just had to read about Darth Malgus. Man what a scary guy. I am so glad that my online gaming pals all want to play on the Sith side of things! 🙂

    On that note, just curious, are you planning on checking out The Old Republic MMO?

    • Blake, I probably won’t check out the MMO, even though it looks incredible, because if I start spending the time on it (and I’m sure I’d get sucked in and want to spend a bunch of time online), I’d never get any writing done. 🙂

      • If the wife and I were like you and your wife, and had children (not in our cards) I’d be leery of online games myself. They do indeed inhale your ‘free’ time, no doubt about it. This one looks particularly engrossing — no doubt about it.

        So please do avoid it as I really enjoy your writing and can’t have you not having the time to write anymore! I need more Erevis Cale! 🙂

        Thanks again for the enjoyable reads. Despite what I mentioned about not reading much in the way of Star Wars novels I already have Crosscurrent lined up to read once I finish Deceived.

        Also, just curious, I know they’re still quite young but have the little guys read Deceived yet, or is it still a bit beyond them?

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