National Mustard Day and The Condiment King

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Tomorrow is National Mustard Day.   In my role as The Condiment King, this day is like Christmas to me and I heartily approve.

If you wish to read the tale of how I came by my lofty title, and otherwise hear of the adventures of The Condiment King, you may do so here, here, here, and here.

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6 thoughts on “National Mustard Day and The Condiment King

  1. I loved crosscurrent, Jaden’s perspective and questioning on the force was unique. Decieved was well written and you captured Malgus perfectly.
    Thank you for doing this contest.
    Jonny Lasich

  2. Ever try Country Bob’s Steak sauce? It’s a bit more refined than your standard condiment, but an excellent addition to any arsenal of sauces. Great on meatloaf too.

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