Online Birthday Party and Egil and Nix Book Bomb

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TheHammer&theBlade(corrected)So, in about two weeks, on April 3rd, I’ll turn 45. As most of you know, the Numenorean blood in my veins grants me extraordinary longevity, which means I’m about 1/5 of the way through my lifespan. I think when I’m about 230 or so I’ll consume the souls of my enemies and become an immortal lich. I may also buy an RV at that time (Silverfish, mofos!). But all that’s neither here nor there.

Pictured here: Paul on his 1,211th birthday.

Pictured here: Paul on his 1,211th birthday.

What is here (or there?) is that I want to ask you for a birthday favor.

Most of you have read at least some of my novels. Maybe you’re a Cale reader, maybe you’re a Star Wars reader, or maybe you haven’t read anything of mine but just hang around. All cool.

Here’s the thing: By regular industry standards, my Egil and Nix stories have sold really well. But they haven’t sold as well as my Star Wars books, or my Erevis Cale books. And that means a lot of readers who dig my Star Wars work, or dig my Cale work, haven’t yet discovered Egil and Nix. Woe! And yet I understand — there are a lot of books on store shelves and most of our to-be-read piles are huge.

That said, I think The Hammer and the Blade and A Discourse in Steel are among my best work, so I kinda want them to sell just as well as my other work. And I really want you to read them, if you haven’t already. So here’s where the favor comes in.

On April 3rd (cuz on that date I’m the birthday boy dontchaknow) I’d be grateful if you’d do whichever one of these fits you (or more than one, if you’re a wild soul):

1. If you haven’t read my Egil and Nix stories, give them a try. Buy The Hammer and the BladeΒ that day, ideally from Amazon, but anywhere will do. The ebook of Hammer is under $5 and the print version is priced as a typical mmpb ($7 on Amazon). If you’ve liked my other stuff, you’ll love Egil and Nix.

2. If you’ve already read The Hammer and the BladeΒ and A Discourse in SteelΒ (thank you!), please post a short review on Amazon or B&N. These matter a lot and I very much appreciate them.

3. If you’ve already read both books and reviewed both (major thank you!), please recommend them to a friend, or recommend them on a message board, or mention them on your Facebook or Tmblr.

Now, I know that asking you to spend your time/money on this is asking a lot. I don’t do it lightly. All I can tell you is that I think you (or the person to whom you recommend the books) will get a couple characters you love out of the deal.

There are two more Egil and Nix books coming out after Hammer and Discourse (and these from a somewhat larger publisher), so I’d love to expand the reach of the books ahead of that.

As always, you have my thanks.

Pictured here: My thanks.

Pictured here: My thanks.


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21 thoughts on “Online Birthday Party and Egil and Nix Book Bomb

  1. Picked up the eBook Hammer last week and absolutely couldn’t put it down. I am currently 3/4 of the way through Discourse. These are my favorite books you have done. I can’t wait for the next 2.

  2. I bought& read all cale books and both egil and nix
    unfortuneatly not into star wars I am …
    I ll write a 5*review for egil & nix on german amazon on your b-day.

    can you please tell us the release date for the next egil and nix book that you roughly aim for?

    • I think it will be early 2015, because something else is coming out in between (but I can’t discuss it just yet).

  3. I decided to do the review on right away.

    Forgot to say thank you for erevis, egil, nix and the great time I had with each and every one of your books, that I read so far.
    So here it is: Thank you πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Paul. Believe it or not, I already had a copy of The Hammer and the Blade in paperback but I bought it again after I got my Tablet because I do all my reading electronically. So, I actually own two copies of that and of course the electronic version of A Discourse in Steel.

    I already gave them both 5 stars not because I’m an asskisser but because I loved the books. And to be honest I didn’t want to. I’m a huuuugggee fan of well,now both the Cales, Riven, Magadon and the rest and was hopingyour focus would stay there. And I certainly hope we see more than two books that direction. Like your Star Wars content as well.

    But there is something crazy fun about reading those Egil and Nix books that I really like. Anyway Happy early Birthday. Although I starred them I did not write anything so Ill do that for you.

    Please, do something for me and all of your fans. Get your ass writing again!!! I have two kids so I can certainly appreciate taking some time off when they are newborn but we haven’t heard of you writing at all. The most exciting things we have heardare of new book deals. I remember months ago when you had a counter at the bottom of your web page so we knew when to expect your books to be released. I would like very much, and I bet you a case of your best whiskey, that there are thousands as anxious as I am to get my hands on your new work. Heck, why not one of each: Cale, Egil & Nix, & Star Wars or you pick, just as long as Paul S.Kemp is the author!

  5. Paul I have enjoyed reading your works for many years and since I already bought and read both Egil & Nix books I will purchase a copy of Hammer & Blade and gift them to a friend of mine. Happy Birthday!

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  7. Happy Birthday, Paul! You keep hinting at writing something that is not Egil and Fix. That means it is either Star Wars or you and Wizards made up (they decided to cut you a better deal; not surprising since you’re their best author). Please tell me that you are currently working on your next Realms book! A hint or smiley face also works if you can’t ‘outright’ say it.

  8. Had Parent-Teacher conferences at our school yesterday, which always leave me wiped out at the end of the night, so I couldn’t celebrate your birthday with well-deserved reviews. I did so just now, by leaving 5-star reviews for both of your Egil & Nix books and buying ‘Shadowbred’.

    Happy belated birthday! πŸ™‚

  9. Happy Birthday 1/5? See I will be enjoying my 29TH for the 14TH time on the April 6TH! If average life span is 80 we are both crashing towards extinction? Sad

  10. Just read the Hammer and the Blade to and from the USVI…..super fun. I’ll be posting on ENWorld and Amazon or Nook or wherever I bought it…..

    • Thanks on all counts, Mike. And Happy Birthday to you, too.

      Oh, and I hope you’ll go on with the sequel, A DISCOURSE IN STEEL.

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