Crossing the Streams Contest Winners

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And lo, I have randomly selected the two winners from the Crossing the Streams contest.  These two showed their grit and mettle on Otherearth by pulping their opponents with a bologna-filled tube sock.  Kudos to you both.

So, the winners are:

1.  Logan Moline, a/k/a “The Goresoaked Reaver,” who won a copy of A Discourse in Steel; and

2.  Meagan, a/k/a “The Merciless Lady M,” who won a copy of Deceived.

And, while these two possess martial prowess exceeded by few, they are only so-so at following directions, as neither left me an email address.  If either of you see this, drop me an email here, with your address, and I’ll take care of the rest.  🙂

Sharing is caring!