An open letter (and sales pitch) to my Star Wars and Forgotten Realms readers

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TheHammer&theBlade(corrected)Dear Star Wars and Forgotten Realms Readers:

Normally I’d do something amusing here, but I’m just going to play it straight this time.  Well, sort of straight. Here goes:

So maybe you’ve read my Star Wars novels and enjoyed them, or maybe you’ve read my Erevis Cale novels in the Forgotten Realms and enjoyed them. If you did, you probably dug on the characters, the emotional beats, the pacing, the dialog, maybe even the action scenes (I do those pretty well, as you may already know :-)).

Well, here’s the thing: The Tales of Egil and Nix (The Hammer and the Blade and A Discourse in Steel) have all of the same kind of stuff in them, written by me, the exact same guy who wrote that other stuff you liked.  No, seriously.  The exact same guy.

So let me get right to it: If you’ve liked what I’ve written in the Realms and the galaxy far,ADiscourseInSteel-large far way, you’re going to love Egil and Nix. I promise. Nay, I vow it! And listen, Cale and Malgus? They’re good with you trying other stories. They know things need spicing up in the reading room sometimes, and they understand you’ve got an open relationship with them. It’s not cheating to visit with Egil and Nix. It’s experimenting, and everyone is okay with that.

So, give The Tales of Egil and Nix a whirl, would you?  Need reasons?  Igotcherreasons! Here are the Top Ten Reasons to Read The Hammer and the Blade.  And here are the Top Ten Reasons to Read A Discourse in Steel.  



P.S. Riven is the jealous type, so don’t tell him that you’re trying Egil and Nix. He’s killed people for less.

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27 thoughts on “An open letter (and sales pitch) to my Star Wars and Forgotten Realms readers

  1. Heck, even Publishers Weekly called it “a gripping tale” and PW has never reviewed anything of mine before. Book’s gotta be all right, amirite?

    I laughed when I saw the abbreviation in the paragraph and realized, no, he’s not talking about *me*. But that is also true–I’ve never reviewed anything of yours before. 🙂

  2. I can vouch that The Hammer and the Blade pre-order process is a gripping tale of proportions. Page-scrolling and One Click mayhem that only Paul S Kemp can deliver.

  3. As a career long-distance driver i need audio books to live.

    Deceived was excellent. However no audio book release for Riptide or Crosscurrent though (or any other book of yours.)

    You got anything in audio book format and my moneys yours lol.

  4. I’m fiercely loyal to my bookstore and refuse to go all Amazon on them ! But trust me they know this book because I have only asked if there was anything he could do to get it faster about 100 times! Lol can’t wait to read it thanks Paul for rescuing me from diapers and bottles and enuff Spongebob reruns to drive anyone completely insane!

    • Spongebob will drive you insane. I’m convinced that series was conceptualized by two aging hippies while high on LSD.

      “Dude, he lives in a pineapple.”
      “That. Is. Awesome.”
      “It’s better, man. The pineapple is UNDER THE SEA!”
      “I know!”

  5. I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready for Godborn!! How much longer are they gna keep it from us! … I’m betn you still can’t talk about it tho! :'(

  6. I have not had a chance to fully read this and get a review it, but as a fan of Paul’s writings this had every element of his previous books with quite a few laughs in it as well.

  7. “P.S. Riven is the jealous type, so don’t tell him that you’re trying Egil and Nix. He’s killed people for less.”
    This explains alot! Like why my 4 y/o (named Riven) was standing over my bed using his fingers to pry my eyes open this morning after he saw me reading this yesterday.
    Or maybe it was because he wanted his Fruity Pebbles, but either way I will be pre-ordering.

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  9. Was never any doubt I was going to pick up The Hammer and the Blade. Even if I wasn’t sold by the fact that I’ve enjoyed all of your previous work, the snippets you’ve been teasing us with have been excellent. I’m looking forward to this.

  10. I preordered it on audiobook. I haven’t read your Starwars but I am really into your FR novels. I am always up for something new and supporting my favorite authors.

  11. I miss Cale an awful lot…all these years later.

    I try to support favorite authors, so my $ has gone to your Star Wars novels, which I’ve only read yours, and will go towards this one.

    I miss Riven too…and his dogs.

  12. I have ever considered writing for warhammer 40k?
    I would love to see what you would with the Thousand Sons

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