Various items and the word ‘cockly’

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The Erevis Cale TrilogyFirst, apparently Wizards of the Coast has signed a new distribution agreement with Random House and the heretofore elusive and never-before-seen-on-camera international ebook versions of WotC novels will soon be available.  Print versions have been available in various languages for time immemorial, and now ebooks will join them. Rock on.  EURASIA, EREVIS CALE IS IN YOU!

Second, Angry Robot tells me they’re very happy with sales of The Hammer and the Blade, but, alas, I am not.  Why, you ask?  Well, because lots of folks who’ve read the aforementioned Erevis Cale stories and my Star Wars novels have not yet met Egil and Nix.  I ask myself:  “Self, how can this be? Have they not seen the open letter?  Have they not seen my top ten reasons? Have they not yet read the first fifty pages? Have they not read the many, many glowing reviews? Are they not entertained?  ARE THEY NOT ENTERTAINED?”

Ahem.  So seriously, if you’ve enjoyed my work in the past, you’ll love Egil and Nix.  Please give it a try lest I weep into my whiskey.

Third, I’ll be at GenCon Indy next week.  On Saturday at 10AM I’ll be signing in the D&D Experience area with Ed Greenwood and Erin M. Evans. Then, at 11AM, I’ll be signing in the WotC booth with R.A. Salvatore.  In both cases, I’ll be the forlorn, possibly nude dude (fair warning) without the line, so come on by and chat.  I’ll sign whatever you have.  I expect to be on a panel or two, too.  More details when I know them.

Fourth, I get so many hits on the site looking for news on Godborn that my cockles get all warm and cockly (sidenote: Endeavor to use the word ‘cockly’ in a sentence today; you know what it means; you KNOW).  News this month.  Not a tease, but real news.  Pinky promise.

Fifth, there is no fifth.  Only Zuul.


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27 thoughts on “Various items and the word ‘cockly’

  1. I agree, wholeheartedly. If you enjoyed the other books, you will like Egil and Nix.

    Paul, this isn’t a shared world, is it? Is it daunting to have to create it all, and can we expect more even outside of Egil and Nix?

    • Karl, no this isn’t a shared world and it really wasn’t daunting at all. Total blast. There will be more Egil and Nix stories for certain, beginning with A DISCOURSE IN STEEL, Egil and Nix #2, coming next year (July, I believe).

  2. Godborn!! I wasn’t having a problem waiting for it until I read that section from the book, why, WHY did you do that to me!!! Also about Egil and nix, is there lots of magic in it, as in spell wielding and the sort

  3. Well Paul, now you realize why you don’t kill off characters people like – when characters are popular, they SELL books and you make money. I’ll pick up Godborn because I’m invested in the FR world, but I’ll tell you what – I’d much rather read a novel you write about the continuing adventures of Pharaun than Egil and Nix – and I’m sure many other readers feel the same way – it’s too much effort to invest in a new universe, and unless you make us happy, we just can’t reciprocate.

    • You’ve confused making money with making art (or at least making books you love).

      I pity people who think it’s too much work to deviate from the familiar. They’re missing lots of great stuff. But so it goes.

      • Unfortunately Paul, in the fiat currency world we live in, you can’t afford to make art unless it makes money. Let me share a few things about where I think your writing shines – Twilight War series – Meph vs. Riven, Rivalen & Brennus vs. Cale and Riven, actually, the whole thing was probably the best writing you’ve done (I’ll have to buy the e-series since I junked the paper copies in a move recently). In WOTSQ, your use of a klurichir was the balls – same with getting an ultraloth involved – that’s the kind of writing we need more of. Your use and descriptions of Skullport were great – first author to do it justice. Stick with what works – when you have a winning formula, or you’re continuously rolling points, press your bet and stick with winning hands. That way, you won’t have to weep into your whiskey (real men drink bourbon anyway 🙂 ).

  4. Amen to that – Paul, take a lesson from R.A. Why do you think he keeps Artemis Entreri alive and brought him back at the end of Charon’s Claw? Because he sells mother f’in books, that’s why! Artemis is awesome and I already can’t wait for the next book after Charon’s Claw. You should bring back Pharaun/Ryld – RA has Quenthel alive in Charon’s Claw..

    • Good point. Bringing some of these characters back would be pretty interesting. I liked that Spider Queen series, I was sorry to see those characters go. I would have read more books with them.

  5. You are all so completely wrong. Thank you Paul, when you killed Cale I was bummed, BUT he had had his time, you didn’t drag it out forever. I love Drizzt to death, but my god enough is enough. The Drizzt stories become all the same, they’re all about how bad ass Drizzt is. And the only reason Drizzt is still alive is because he makes money. Well you know what, money isn’t everything. Paul thank you for making art not money. Just reading this argument makes me a completely loyal fan, I will continue to read your books well, till you stop writing them. ( However a Pharaun series would be pretty awesome (can’t remember if he died or not but hey if he did he came back from the slider queen once right :). )

  6. O and new universes are half the fun, read Codex Alera (name of the series not the book) or the Mistborn series. New magic new rules, what is wring with you peiple. You read fantasy fiction to escape our own universe (you know earth) FR can get old after awhile why do you think they f@#ked up magic and everything and brought shades back in a big way. Seriously what is wrong with you guys you’ve lost the whole point.

  7. True, Drizzt is entertaining but it is always the same, and that gets pretty boring after 30+ books.
    one of the main reasons i loved the erevis books was , because Paul stepped away from the usual cliche and ended the story in a proper and very fitting way, something unusual. Its easy to hold onto something that makes a lot of money, but in my opinion those books start to suck, just look at all the franchises out there, cussler, salvatore, goodkind they may sell well but in a purely artistic way they just get bad and badder.
    I am more than willing to give a new series a try and spend my money on it, than to buy the 30+ book that is all the same then the ones before.

  8. Great news, I can’t believe it!
    I hope i can start soon with reading the Erevis Cale Trilogy on my ebook reader!!!
    @ Dan: give Egil and Nexus a chance, you will def. enjoy it! It has a great story, awesome characters and enough magic and (sword) fights for everyone in it.

  9. I had not heard anything of The Hammer and the Blade, but have now! I loved Erevis Cale’s books and randomly wandered here through the intertubes, and I’m glad I did! Also these comments are insane, new, inventive fantasy is great. Props to Dan for throwing Codex Alera out there, thats a great series!

  10. @ Tommy and Embiggen…this is what is wrong with our society today. People like you two who fail to deviate from the norm and walk down the same mundane path throughout your entire lives. For Pauls sake, have you ever stopped to think that he is not only a lawyer but a very successful author as well, so I honestly doubt that making money and pleasing the likes of your lot are on his must-do list. Individuals of your mindset are the reason there are remakes of EVERYTHING out there and why there are vampire and werewolve novels rushing out the arse of America at light-speed.
    @ Paul, stick to your guns, I know you don’t need me to tell you this. You give people who read your books purpose and dreams, and for some reason most people seem to forget that is one of the sole purposes of being a writer. Reading is a gateway for us to get away from the monotony of everyday life, so why stick with the same script? You have a loyal fan in me always. I can’t wait for Godborn. Thanks for being true to yourself

  11. Paul, first off thank you for all of you’re amazing works I’ve read so far, honestly I thought I would have a hard time finding an author that I enjoyed reading as much as I have R.A. Salvatore. because alot of the books from the realms are about wizards…. thats just not my thing. and well you blew me away! I’ve read eveything you have done that involves Erevis Cale and couldnt get enough, Jak Fleet and Drasek Riven are two of the most memorable characters I have ever come accross, I would love more back story on Riven! I’m currently reading the hammer and the blade and cant put it down.
    I’ve never read anything from star wars would I enjoy it?

    • I think my Star Wars novels have much in common with my work in other worlds, so if you’ve enjoyed the Cale and Egil and Nix stories, I think you’ll also enjoy Crosscurrent and Riptide.

  12. Since “Halls of Stormweather” and “Shadow’s Witness” are sold out, I wanted to ask if there is any chance for another reissue or some kind of omnibus/ anthology containing both.

  13. Wizards Of the Coast has been one of my favorite company developing games, for example IceWind Dale was really good.
    This is great news and I’m looking forward to the new ones upcoming.

  14. Any chance of more books in the shadow series? So many open ends like Cale’s son etc. would also like to see more mags and riven.

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