Final Cover Art for The Hammer and the Blade

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Final cover art for the The Hammer and the Blade (Amazon, B&N) is below.  I am most definitely chuffed/pleased/ecstatic/ensqueed.

I’ll also add that if you were to pre-order the novel, I’d either (a) kiss you full on the mouth, if that appeals to you, or (b) refrain from kissing you full on the mouth, if that appeals to you. Either way, a pre-order means you win.

Oh, and read excerpts here, here, here, and here.


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7 thoughts on “Final Cover Art for The Hammer and the Blade

  1. Will you wear some super hot red lipstick? This might be the deal breaker for a pre-order. 😀

    Looking forward to this, the excerpts have been great so far, and like crack and heroin, a little bit has gotten me hooked.

  2. I haven’t visited the blog in a while only to be pleasantly surprised by another Paul S. Kemp fantasy book to be released this year?!?! Splendid!!

    I’ve pre-ordered it right away. Right now I’m battling temptation of reading the excerpts or not.

    Any idea if it is coming to e-book/kindle? I’d rather have both hard copy and e-version as I have been enjoying having the books in my kindle store on my phone lately. The ability to start reading whatever book wherever I am, given the time that is, is priceless. Many times I found myself stuck at someplace waiting for something only to have Cale and other books to entertain me on my phone.

  3. Whoop! Sorry if that Amazon link was inappropriate. Thought it’d be good for a laugh. xD

    I’ve got TH&TB preordered through Amazon, but I’ve been curious if it’s preferable for all involved to order directly from the publisher. Or does it matter?

    • Anthony,

      Matters very little. Go with whatever ordering method is most convenient/cheapest for you. 🙂


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