Deceived to be released in March

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Some of you may already know this, but Deceived, my next Star Wars novel, will be released in March 2011, rather than December 2010.  I understand the move was made because there is a desire to time the release of the novel nearer to the release of the Old Republic MMORPG.

So, what can you read of mine in the meantime?  Well, I’m glad you asked, gentle reader.  Whether you are a longtime fan or a Star Wars reader new to my fantasy work (which ain’t half bad, I’ll offer), may I humbly recommend that you consider The Erevis Cale Trilogy Omnibus? True, the Omnibus has already sold three times the number expected by a certain beancounter, so verily beancounter tears have already fallen in abundance.  But, as we all know, every beancounter tear that falls to earth births an angel.  And don’t we need more angels?  Won’t you  think of the angels?

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14 thoughts on “Deceived to be released in March

  1. Sorry to hear that the release has been delayed. Star Wars (and your) fans are gnashing their teeth. Though, if you’ve been paid in full (licensed property), then I guess the co-release can only widen your readership. And by that I mean you can in-sidiuos-ly gain more loyal readers.

    As to making beancounters cry: You are a big bully. How dare you write an entertaining and popular set of books and allow people to buy enough copies that somewhere in the wotc offices an angel gets their wings. Maybe they’ll post a video up on you tube to save other beancounters the same heartache next time. =}

  2. Another delay? Alas, my heart is next to bursting with tears… Lol, alright, then I guess this means I can delay my overnight stay at the bookstore to wait for Deceived jk

  3. The delay sucks, but great news about the Cale omnibus. Maybe this will help bump the new book back to it’s original 2011 release date?

    • Jeff,

      Sorry, man. I think they want the release of the novel to be closer to the release of the game.

  4. Even though I own the original trilogy I bought the omnibus just to make the bean counter cry. If it’s in the store on Tuesday when I go for the new Star Wars book that’s coming out, I might pick it up again and gift it to my local library just to say “SUCK IT” to the bean counter one more time.

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  6. Hey Paul,

    Just wanted to mention that I am extremely excited to see that you of all people are taking on Deceived for the SWTOR set. Do you plan on exploring the universe when the game is finally released?

    Also, mark another for the bean counter! I’m having a thrill learning the backstory to Erevis ( I started with Shadowbred, went through Shadowstorm and Shadowrealm and I am currently backtracking 🙂 )

    • Robert,

      Thanks on all counts. I’m not sure if I’ll actually play the game or not. I’d like to, but I fear if I started, it’d become too tempting and I’d never get anything else done. 🙂

      I’m glad you’re digging on the Omnibus. Thank you kindly.


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