Meanwhile, in the Trump White House (No. 1)

In the Oval Office:

FLYNN: And so you see, Mr. President, there are suggestions that Kim Jong Un’s grip on—

TRUMP: Is that a tinfoil hat on your head?


TRUMP: I like it. Get me one, all right? Put MAGA on it. Use a Sharpie. That’s an order. Now, you were telling me about Nordstroms.

FLYNN: Sir. I was actually telling you about the South China Sea, the lizard people infiltration, and—

TRUMP: … Read the rest



final art conversationWell, this is the day.  A Conversation in Blood, the next Tale of Egil and Nix, hits shelves and ereaders.  I hope you’ll check it out.  Lots of glowing reviews coming in and I’m very grateful for those.  Instead of linking to all of them, I’ll just share a quote from a review that really left me smiling:

If you enjoy storytelling with the content sensibilities of Game of Thrones, then imagine George R.R. Read the rest


Excerpt from A Conversation in Blood

final art conversationI’ve received permission to post an excerpt from the next Tale of Egil and Nix, A Conversation in Blood, which will release on January 24, 2017.  You can, of course, preorder the book, and those who do earn my deep and abiding affection. 🙂

This is from early on in the novel and there are no spoilers.  Feel free to share far and wide.  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy.


Nix ate the apples … Read the rest



Amazon now has the full listing up for the next Tale of Egil and Nix, A CONVERSATION IN BLOOD.  As ever, I greatly appreciate pre-orders.  Let me know if you do, so I can send you my personal thanks.  It means a lot.

In any event, from the jacket:

final art conversationEgil and Nix, the hard-fighting, harder-drinking fortune hunters of The Hammer and the Bladeand A Discourse in Steel, are back to test their mettle and Read the rest


Why I’m a Liberal

It’s election season and everyone who reads my wall knows I’m a liberal. Sometimes that comes as a surprise to newcomers, because I sort of fit the stereotypical Republican mold. I’m white, affluent, highly educated, a lawyer/writer (though I’ll note that I was raised in a working class home). I’m also a strong believer in the value of market forces/incentives, like to look at human nature with a cold eye (I see you there, Socialism, … Read the rest



“trib·al·ism /trībəˌlizəm/ noun: The behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own tribe or social group.”

It’d be an interesting, and perhaps different world, if, whenever any high-profile terrible event happens, those people connected to one side or the other side of that high profile event evaluated the event — its causes and impact, both present and future — through a lens devoid of tribal loyalties.

In related news, illegal violence is … Read the rest


Dear Supporters of Senator Sanders….

In January 2017, barring death/indictment/withdrawal, the United States will be led by either President Trump or President Clinton. The choice is binary.

Our process is essentially a two-party system. Making would-be third party candidates irrelevant is a feature of this system, not a bug. Of course, like all institutions created and administered by human beings, it has strengths and weaknesses and gravitates toward the status quo. In theory, it is designed to result in a … Read the rest


The Green Man — a short story

ephemera 5 x 7 300dpiFor a variety of reasons I don’t write much short fiction. I wrote this over lunch a few days back. It’s inspired by something my two year old daughter said. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

If you do, check out Ephemera, which contains more of my short fiction.



A patient here, Eliza Crow, wrote this down in her journal. Her injuries prevent her from speaking understandably. I don’t know what Read the rest