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Because I’ve been remiss and owe you a blog post, a few things:

I’m busy.  Man, am I busy.  This is a good thing.

I’m working on The Godborn, book II of The Sundering, at the moment.  Most of the book is already done, so this work consists of expanding the novel, adding scenes here and there, that kind of thing.  So much fun to write Riven and Magadon and Brennus and Rivalen and Vasen (that’s him in the pic to the left).  I think you’re going to enjoy the book.  No Amazon listing yet, but I’ll link to one when it appears.

A Discourse in Steel, the second novel of Egil and Nix (and the follow up to The Hammer and the Blade), does, however, have an Amazon listing. No cover art yet, but hopefully I’ll have something to share before too long.

Events have moved forward on my next Star Wars project.  This is the duology I’ve been talking about for a long time now and that Del Rey has called “very ambitious.”  Alas, I still can say nothing about it except that it’s moved forward, that I’m excited, and think you will be too.  I’m also (candidly) a bit nervous. As soon as I can share anything more, you can bet I will.

My Fantasy Football team, which I co-manage with a bud, looks strong this year.  We’ll see.

I fear the Tigers may have lost the Central (and therefore missed the playoffs) because of Monday’s loss to Chicago.  They made up a game last night, however, so you never know.  I’m hoping they can run off a streak of ten wins or so. In any event, fingers crossed that Miggy stays hot and wins the MVP while winning the Triple Crown (which hasn’t been done in over 50 years and would be quite something).

In Kempland generally, the kids are fine, Jen is awesome, as always, and I can actually talk and eat food. I lost thirteen pounds due to the tonsillectomy. Now that I’m recovered, I plan to start P90x this weekend, because what the Hell.

And that’s it. Hope all of you are well. 🙂




Sharing is caring!

14 thoughts on “Various updates

  1. Great news! I just checked the Amazon listing for A Discourse in Steel and didn’t see one for Kindle. Is that forthcoming? I’ve been putting the “e” in “reading” these days due to the electronic format’s more affordable pricing and convenience. Leaving the house, fighting the traffic, and waiting in line at the register? ‘Tis to laugh!

    • Definitely. Usually the listing doesn’t show the Kindle edition until closer to the release date, but there will definitely be a Kindle (and Nook, etc.) version. Thanks for asking.

  2. Congrats with all the great stuff happening! And I can’t wait to pick up The Godborn and A Discourse In Steel.

    Also, good luck with the P90X. A good friend of mine from college used that as his go-to workout thing and it rocked for him, so I hope it does for you, as well!

  3. My pre-order for, “A Discourse in Steel” has been made! My birthday is in May, so I’m looking forward to an awesome birthday next year!

  4. Pre-ordered and good to go on ‘A Discourse of Steel.’ You’re driving me nuts with the “ambitious” Star Wars duology, though. 😉

  5. Do you think Vasen will be more badass than Cale? I really don’t see that happening haha;-) Either way super stoked for everything you’re doing, as always.

  6. My heart has sunk for I do not see Cale’s name listed in your post. I hope he shows up somewhere. I can’t wait for the Sundering to hit the shelves although I do have some fears of it.

  7. Paul i just wanted to say that im a big fan of your work and the Realms.I have read all on the cale and twilight wars.i related to cale more then any other hero i have ever read about as sure i will with his son.Ihave loved all that you have put out so fare (thanks sooo mutch btw ^.^) .I was really excited to see that you were going to make a full series about him.i just have a few questions.Will you be putting the three books you were going to write into one long book?have you ever thought about cales son crossing paths with Drizzt’s?and finely with The Sundering event will that launch D&D into a 5th edition? ps will you be keeping the cover art that you showed for God Born?..Thank you so much for all your work The Realms would not be the same with out you

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  9. Especially looking forward to your continuing work with the STAR WARS EU material, Paul.

    Colour this sage excited!

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