U-Con wrap up

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Brief recap of U-Con, from this past weekend.

It was great to see Eric Boyd, who I don’t see nearly enough.  We got to chat movies, gaming, and books.  Good stuff.  And it’s always nice to hang out with Colin McComb, who designed a great game for the U-Con game design contest — Dragon Peak.  I think we all had a lot of fun playing it and he got some valuable feedback.

The panel was small but fun, with some insightful questions and insightful answers (none of the latter from me, alas, so it was well that Eric and Colin were there with me).

The folks running U-Con treated me very well.  Thanks especially to Laura for all her hard work and hospitality.

The “celebrity game” Sunday evening was really a total blast.  I got to just kick back and roll some bones with some fun people.  My thanks to John (the DM), Matt, Jeff, Lee, and Lee’s wife (whose name escapes me at the moment, I’m embarrassed to say).  I played a Shadar-Kai rogue, part of a group trying to sneak into Shade Enclave and learn the secret of a particular teleporation portal.  Took me a bit to figure out my character, but once I did, I think I accounted for myself reasonably well (and the folks I was playing with helped me out a ton).

Anyway, a good weekend.

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  2. What are the Shadar-Kai like to play. I’ve wanted to have a go but my gaming group has no interest in having them in a game (spoilsports).

    • Took me a while to learn all the PC’s powers, but in the end, playing a Shadar Kai was cool. Flavorful powers with a lot of uses.

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