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“trib·al·ism /trībəˌlizəm/ noun: The behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own tribe or social group.”

It’d be an interesting, and perhaps different world, if, whenever any high-profile terrible event happens, those people connected to one side or the other side of that high profile event evaluated the event — its causes and impact, both present and future — through a lens devoid of tribal loyalties.

In related news, illegal violence is despicable whether it’s committed by a protestor convinced of the righteousness of his/her cause, or an officer too quick to escalate a situation and pull a trigger.

In further related news, one can respect police and the work they do for us while unequivocally condemning the bad officers. Likewise, one can respect a movement’s right to protest, even understand and sympathize with the reasons for the protest, while unequivocally condemning those among that movement who use their grievance as an excuse for violence.

In final related news, don’t let your need to have your tribe “win” cause you to justify awfulness.

That’s all.

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2 thoughts on “Tribalism

  1. You don’t see race, but race sees you. Have you made a decision to live in a certain neighborhood with a demographic profile that does not reflect the USA in 2016, but justify it on the basis of “good schools” or whatever? If the answer is yes, you are a tribalist.

    • You’re amusingly smug and self-satisfied, Matthew. Not a trait I normally associate with Australians. Anyway, thank you for the chuckle and for missing the point entirely. Carry on.

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