Riptide Excerpts

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Star Wars Books has been kind enough to post a couple “mini-excerpts” from Riptide, my next Star Wars novel (and also the sequel to Crosscurrent).   Hopefully, they whet your appetite for the novel, which continues the story of Jaden, Khedryn, and Marr.

First Mini-Excerpt:

Khedryn cleared his throat. “So, then, do you have a plan? What do we do about the escaped clones?”

“We find them,” Jaden said.

“Yeah, I figured that. I’m all ears about how.”

“First I need to speak to Grand Master Skywalker.”

Second Mini-Excerpt:

The sizzle of igniting lightsabers sounded from behind him and instinct took over. He rolled to his left, bounded to his feet, took his own blade in hand, and ignited it. The red line sparked and hissed, a mirror of his mood. Force lightning shot from his fingers, coiled around his hilt, his blade. He reveled in the newfound intensity of his power.

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