My 44th trip around the sun

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As of today, I’ve ridden the whirling blue ball around the blazing orange one a total of forty-four times.  Given the Numenorean blood in my veins, that means I’m about a fifth of the way through my natural lifespan.  And of course I’ll opt for lichdom ere the end arrives, duh. At that point I may turn evil and kill most of you.  Apologies in advance.


It’s awesome being awesome, isn’t it?

Last year I was in a mood for confessions, and so offered up the Parable of the Mentos, in which I admitted my addiction to Mentos, my participation as a younger man in various underground fighting rings¹, and my short but spectacular career in porn².  This year I’ve done less cocaine³, so I’m in a milder mood.

Accordingly, I’ll just observe that I have been and remain a very lucky man, and I hope all of you have a great day.  Beyond that, here’s the only advice I’ll offer today, which we’ll call The Wisdom of Paulman™. It’s simple but heartfelt:

Know where you’re going, and work hard to get there, but don’t forget to enjoy the walk.

Of course, if you’re one of those generous spirits who really wishes you could get me a gift, then you can!  Here’s how:  be extra nice to someone today.

No, no. This cereal was, uh, here when I got here. Seriously.

No, no. This cereal was, uh, here when I got here. Seriously.

And if you’re one of those kind souls who really, really wants to get me a gift, then you couldn’t do better than pre-ordering The Godborn or A Discourse in Steel, or by posting a review of something of mine you’ve already read.

Meanwhile, onward, you, me, and all of us!  🙂


¹ Kidding.

² Wouldn’t you like to know?

³ Kidding. It’s meth (uh, kidding :-)).

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4 thoughts on “My 44th trip around the sun

  1. Happy Birthday Paul! Nine more days until my own 38th trip around our sun. Since I’ve already pre-ordered Godborn I’ll consider that a birthday gift for both of us.

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