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As usual with a new release, I’ll be doing an e-signing for Deceived.  Fortunately, I have my executive assistant, Kaul Pemp, to run the whole thing, so it’s not like it’s additional work for me.  🙂

So if you’re interested in a signed hardcover first edition of Deceived, Kaul can make that happen.

If you live in the United States, just Paypal $27USD to me (my paypal account is the same as my email account — paulsvantekemp at yahoo dot com).  The $27USD covers the cost of the book, tax, and priority mail shipping via the USPS (if you want more than one copy, I can consolidate shipping, so it won’t net out to $27USD per book; two copies would be more like $47USD, all in).  Include your address and any personalization instructions (if you give me none, I’ll ad lib something). After that, Kaul Pemp will get it to you as soon as possible (he is a slacker, though; you’ve been warned).

I have about twenty copies of the book on hand right now, so the first twenty participants should have their copies pretty quickly.  After I get through those, I’ll have to order additional copies (so the process of getting signed copies out will take a few days longer at that point).

Now, if you live outside the US and are interested in one or more copies, shoot me an email at the email above and tell me your address.  I’ll let you know what the total cost of the book and shipping will be and you can decide if you want to proceed (international shipping costs can be ridiculous, I’m sorry to say).

Anyway, I hope to hear from you and I very much hope you enjoy the novel when you get it.  🙂

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