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I announced this on Twitter/Facebook yesterday, but for those who may not keep current with Kempland via those venues, I’ll also announce it here.

I’ve signed with literary agent Bob Mecoy to represent my work going forward.  In the near term, Bob will be pitching my sword and sorcery novel to  publishers.

I’ve known Bob for over a year.  He and I have conversed via email and phone many times and two things about him always struck me:  First, he had very insightful things to say about my writing, even when he wasn’t interested in representing a particular work; and second, he sugar-coated exactly nothing.  I’m looking forward to working with him.

And in response to a couple emails I’ve received:  Working on the sword and sorcery novel I mentioned above will have no effect on Godborn or any of my other work, all of which will (gods willing) release when scheduled.

Rock on.

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4 thoughts on “Agent news – Bob Mecoy

  1. Congratulations, Mr. Kemp. Your work is excellent and I wish you continued success – and eventual domination of the written world! Rock on, bro!

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