A few new reviews of A DISCOURSE IN STEEL

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ADiscourseInSteel-largeA few new reviews came in over the weekend for my second Tale of Egil and Nix, A Discourse in Steel.  I’ve been more than a little pleased with the reception for this book, so thanks to all of you who have mentioned it and/or reviewed it.  I really appreciate.  And for those of you who haven’t yet read it, maybe these reviews will nudge you in that direction:

Ranting Dragon said, “Egil and Nix are great characters, and Kemp writes them exceptionally well. I really feel like we’re witnessing the reinvention of sword and sorcery.”

The Fantastical Librarian said, “A Discourse in Steel is the summer blockbuster you’ll want to rewatch. I really enjoyed the book and I loved getting to know these characters better.”

And finally, the Founding Fields said, “A Discourse In Steel is as much a proper sword-and-sorcery novel as could be expected, and Paul Kemp handles things with a definite flair for mystery and subterfuge and true sword-and-sorcery style action that has long been a staple of the genre.”

So, there we go.  Starting off the week right.

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