Giveaway of ARCs of The Hammer and the Blade

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I’m holding a giveaway of two signed Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of The Hammer and the Blade (Amazon, B&N), my sword and sorcery novel forthcoming from Angry Robot Books.  That’s them in the picture and they look great.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment to this blog post.  As always, please enter only once and use a username that’s reasonably distinctive.  I’ll choose two entrants at random next Friday at noon and announce them on the blog.

As to shipping costs:  I’ll bear the cost of shipping to U.S. addresses.  If you’re international, I’ll bear the first $5USD of the international shipping charges, but you’ll have to Paypal me the difference (if any).

So, I hope you’ll enter.  It’s a good book and you’ll enjoy it.  Meanwhile, excerpts from The Hammer and the Blade are available here, here, here here, and here.  Two early reviews of the novel are here and here.

See?  They liked it.  So will you.  🙂



Sharing is caring!

172 thoughts on “Giveaway of ARCs of The Hammer and the Blade

  1. Started reading you for your Star Wars works, but have enjoyed your other works as well! Awesome Stories, Awesome Characters!

    Have a Great Weekend!

  2. I’m a huge fan and would be incredibly honored to be one of the first to read this book.

  3. There has been too much violence. Too much pain. But I have an honorable compromise. Just walk away and let me enter this giveaway!

  4. Gimmie some love Paul! This is my kind of story, and I don’t want to have to wait until late June to read it.

  5. *Happy Dance Time* A chance to win a copy for my shelf you say? Speak no further! Already into my eARC and I’m hooked! Praise from Ed Greenwood or mere mention by Matt Forbeck and you cannot not read this.

    Another round of adventure, if you please! (Just put it on my tab…)

  6. I think it’s awesome that you have these giveaways so often, it’s a great way to get people interested in new books.

    I’ve read all your Star Wars stuff and loved it, even if I don’t win one of these ARCs I’m still going to end up picking this up to support a great writer!

  7. This is a great idea to generate interest in new and existing stories. Even if I don’t win I will probably pick this up and let my friends know about the up coming book(s).

  8. Paul,
    Thank you for the free scotch offer. Oh wait, it’s for your new book? Does the ARC come with Scotch or is there a preferred drink to complement their swashbuckling style? I’m thinking Captain Morgan’s, but maybe that’s just a visual I keep having……
    BTW, I will be buying this either way.


  9. YAY!!! Scotch!!! I’m up for Glenlivet although I hear Tyrconnell is good too…. A nice single malt to accompany a good read…. life would be perfect. Now if only I had a cigar….

  10. I’m anxiously awaiting this one! It’s been on my to read list since I first heard it announced. I’d love to get an ARC!

  11. Thanks Paul for holding this give-away, please enter my name in the contest, looking forward to reading The Hammer and the Blade:)

  12. I love that you do so many giveaways and I hate that I never win. Still, my dice roll, chicken bones, goat blood, and wife say that I’ll get it this time. Huzzah!!

  13. Ordered an ebook version, because apparently that’s where the world is forcing me to go, but I’d love a paper copy!


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